Astroworld Festival's death toll reached ninth after a victim recently died in an ICU, and hundreds of fans were injured after the horrific event last week. As many concertgoers want to get refunds, a lawyer on TikTok warns the people to be vigilant about accepting money from Live Nation's camp, but why?

According to Newsbreak Original, Travis Scott and the event's organizers will be refunded the tickets purchased by attendees who attended the show at Austin, Texas, last week.

The outlet mentioned that when a concert ticket is sold, and fans show up to an event that is "health hazardous" because of inconsistent security, they are obliged to get refunds.

 @lawyerforworkersHow gracious of him to cancel his next festival appearance. Whoever wrote that press release is an idiot. On a serious note, he has a whole lot more to do in order to atone, And in the end it may never be enough. But good luck to him, I hope you can find redemption through good deeds  ♬ original sound - Moe the Lawyer 

One TikTok lawyer with the username lawyerforworkers recently posted, then deleted, a video explaining what could go wrong when fans ask for a refund.

Per the outlet, the lawyer said people should be careful about the terms and conditions of the refund as it could exempt them from filing a lawsuit against the organizers of the event.

It's prevalent for the public to sign without reading the whole agreement as most attendees were teenagers, meaning a lot of them possibly couldn't file a lawsuit.

In another video, the lawyer reacted to the news when Travis Scott announced that he would be refunding all the tickets to the people who attended the event. (watch the video above)

"as to issuing the refunds, I expected this to happen yesterday... I expected there would be lawsuits, not just lawsuits for the people who died or the people who suffered injuries... but lawsuits from people who just want their money back." he said.

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Travis Scott To Refund All Tickets

According to Distractify, organizers of the event (Live Nation, Score more, Astroworl team) has issued a joint statement saying they have been working to provide local authorities with the information they need.

They also announced that refunds would be made to concertgoers, "Full refunds are being offered for all those who purchased tickets." they said.

At the time of this writing, the artists and organizers of the festival face at least 18 lawsuits against them.

Aside from Travis Scott, Bethenny Frankel have donated $10,000 to a 9-year-old victim who's in a coma, and Roddy Rich pledged to donate his earnings to other victims.

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