The moment you wake and greet a new dawn, you have the power to make sure that your next twenty-four hours are productive. Ensuring this productivity starts with utilizing every moment of your morning, a skill that is especially important for musicians to hone. Popular hip-hop artist Arut Nazaryan believes that as a musician, you need to make every second count to stay at the top of such a competitive industry. Here, Arut shares three essential morning habits that he feels every musician should adopt.

1. Tap into your creativity.

Arut Nazaryan shares that his popular single Сделал сам, which also features artist Axxi, exists because he took the time and space to tap into his creativity and bring it to life. According to him, we often find it easier to express our creative side in the early morning as we are not yet weighed down by the concerns of the day. Moreover, we will also have a fresher perspective at this time and be filled with creative energy.

2. Prioritize journaling.

Arut Nazaryan's second suggestion relates to his first point. Once you have made space within your morning routine to explore your creativity, note every thought and idea that comes to you in a journal. He shares that journaling can take any form-you can pen song lyrics, musical notes, or even use a recorder to preserve any melody or tune that comes to you.

3. Plan how to promote yourself.

The adage of the early bird getting the worm holds a lot of truth to it, and Arut Nazaryan couldn't agree more. As a modern-day musician, promoting yourself and your music is a full-time commitment. He advises taking time each morning before the bustle of your day begins to attend to your social media pages and make sure that you are one of the first artists to fill your followers' feeds with content.

The music industry is notoriously competitive and requires hopeful musicians to make the most of their time to stand out and get noticed. For this reason, Arut Nazaryan believes that every musician should embrace each morning as a new opportunity and use that precious time to move closer to their goals.