Chris Daughtry's wife, Deanna, slammed the rumors surrounding Hannah Price's death, saying that the buzzes are only "making it worse" for their family.

Weeks after Hannah was found lifeless in her Nashville home, her mother offered a lengthy message to people who have since spread rumors about her daughter's alleged cause of death.

On Instagram, the matriarch shared a childhood photo of her late daughter, saying why she also needs to deal with rumors and assumptions about Hannah.

"The people who loved her are in pain and we are mourning they are not talking to the press, they are not spreading rumors and they sure as h--- are not making this about themselves," she said.

She also asked everyone to stop reporting the alleged homicide, saying she is currently experiencing the deepest pain after losing her daughter.


Deanna previously hinted that foul play was involved as she told the public they are currently waiting for autopsy results to find out how she sustained the injuries that led to her death.

What The Media Has Claimed About Hannah Price

Deanna's comments came after multiple media outlets claimed that Chris Daughtry's stepdaughter died due to homicide. At that time, they alleged that her boyfriend, Bobby Jolly, was arrested and entered the Fentress County Jail a few hours after discovering the body.

However, DA Jared Effler has since dismissed the claims, saying Hannah's cause of death is still being investigated.

He also clarified that it would be "premature" to treat it as a homicide since the Fentress Country Sheriff's Office and the Regional Forensic Center only began the investigation.

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"No one has been arrested pertaining to the death of Ms. Price. Once the investigation into the death of Hannah Marie Price is complete, authorities will forward their findings to the Eighth Judicial District Attorney General's Office for review," the statement said, as quoted by Fox News.

Amid all these, Daughtry canceled his shows through November 16 and rescheduled them. Among the postponed tours was in Atlantic City, New Jersey, following their performances across Nashville, Providence, Maine, Niagara Falls, and Syracuse this month.

No official update regarding Hannah Price's death has been publicized. The police also have not ruled anything weeks after the event happened.

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