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Kevin Max Talks About Keeping Things in the Closet



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TobyMac, Kevin Max, and Michael Tait of dc Talk speak onstage at the GMA Honors Celebration and Hall of Fame Induction at the Allen Arena at Lipscomb University on April 29, 2014 in Nashville, Tennessee.
For the past several years, Kevin Max (formerly of dcTalk and Audio Adrenaline) has been very outspoken. He doesn't stick to what is easy or politically correct and refuses to be put into a box anymore than he puts Jesus in a box. In a recent interview with Bad Christian, he didn't change one bit! He was open, honest and real when talking about his life, early dcTalk and even his divorce.

Not afraid of admitting that he didn't listen to Christian music as a young person, he shared that growing up in Grand Rapids, Michigan, his favorites were Queen, David Bowie and The Smiths. Yes, he was a Christian, but even back then, he wasn't in the bubble.

Fast forward to the early dcTalk releases, they sang about subjects that weren't commonly talked about in church and they caught a lot of flack for it. Kevin said, "We tackled subjects like abstinence in the song 'I Don't Want Your Sex for Now' and that kind of freaked people out that we were actually singing the sex word."

When the topic of divorce came up, something Kevin himself has been through, once again, he didn't shy away. When asked if he thought it was wrong for people in the public eye to acknowledge that they're going through a divorce and then ask for privacy, Kevin said, "I think that people that are in the public eye have to be ready to be in the public eye. That's my opinion. If somebody is an artist that is out there and everybody knows about them, they're gonna have to be ready to explore and expose who they are. You set yourself up for everybody to want to know and then you shut them down and that's an easy way out in my opinion."

Transparency and honesty are something Kevin Max is all about. "The divorce conversation is a difficult conversation because I still believe that divorce is not right," he said. "I feel like, I'm happily remarried with four beautiful kids and I will never, ever go through that again. I'm pretty honest. When people ask me what it was like, I tell them, 'it was devastating.'" He goes on to say that he hated it and to this day, he looks at it like a huge mistake and a huge flaw.

Max believes that the things that we try to keep in the closet are the things that get us in trouble. He said, "I think when we keep things in the closet and we don't talk about them, we get in trouble - specifically in the area of relationships and sexual things."

Things kept secret don't go away - they just multiply and get worse. Kevin feels like that is what Jesus talked to the disciples about. He said, "He was like, let's be honest with each other and get to the root of what they're were feeling and to me, that relationship between them was the church model before there was church." He feels like that honesty is missing from the church today.

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