May 22, 2018 / 4:07 AM

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Where In The World Is Olivia Pope: 'Scandal' Season 4 Promo Is Here [WATCH]



It's finally almost here! What fans can't stop talking about: the premiere of Season 4 of Scandal - arguably the best show on television and it has the ratings to help rock that idea. When we last saw Olivia Pope (played to perfection by Kerry Washington) she was on a plane headed to god knows where with her runner-up and second choice boyfriend, Jake (Scott Foley). Where exactly they were headed was a mystery, but by the time they had boarded Olivia's whole life, family and life's' work had come crumbling down around her in a way that makes even the strongest people completely pack it in. ABC has decided to tease us with an all-too-short promo for season 4 that gives us absolutely no idea where she is.

It's that "Where in the world is Olivia Pope" tag line that they are kind of running with and based on this clip, we have no clue. What we do know is that she's on a beach, swigging her favorite red wine which also means that she has to be wearing impeccable white, right? ABC's official teaser for the season gives us this:

"Nearly two months after Olivia and Jake boarded a private jet to stand in the sun together, everything has changed. With another four years in the White House, Fitz and Cyrus are doing everything they can to make a positive impact on the nation. Meanwhile, Mellie struggles to cope with the loss of her son and the gladiators feel the impact of Olivia's absence."

Based on this video it looks like Pope and Associates office has gone dark and Liv's special team of 'gladiators' are struggling to make it without her there. Scandal returns on September 25th at 9 p.m. with an episode entitled 'Randy, Red, Superfreak and Julia'. I can hardly wait to see what Shonda Rhimes, the brilliant mind behind all of Scandal's madness has cooked up for us, can you guys? Are you team #Fitz or team #Jake? Check out the promo and tell us all of your thoughts on Scandal in the comments below!

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