The Chainsmokers 'Inside Out' Review: 'Roses' Duo Try To Follow Up 'Don't Let Me Down'

By Ryan Middleton | Apr 01, 2016 11:20 AM EDT

It may be April Fool's Day but that has not stopped plenty of labels and artists from loading up on big releases today. The Chainsmokers released their trap-heavy single "Don't Let Me Down" at the beginning on February and nearly two months later they are back with another more melodic tune "Inside Out" featuring Austrian singer Charlee.

The song starts out with a soft, guitar plucks and percussion as Charlee professes to love someone "inside out" despite their various faults. The song then picks up to an eventual climax with the bright synths that one expects from a Chainsmokers track over some quick snare rolls and four on the floor bass.

The Chainsmokers have been on such a winning streak lately with "Roses" so the bar has been set very high. Their songs have the expectation of not only being well-written, but also very catchy and this doesn't reach the same level as "Roses," "Kanye" or "Don't Let Me Down." It is another good effort from Alex Pall and Drew Taggart, but doesn't muster up the same emotion as some of their previous hits. It is nice to see them put on some new and unknown singers, instead of using their fame to go for big name collabs for the sake of it.

The Chainsmokers will keep up the ambitious release schedule going forward in 2016. The pair promise to release a new song every month going forward, giving them more fuel for their festival sets this summer that include gigs at Coachella, Veld and elsewhere in North America and Europe.

Pick up the single on iTunes and get ready for new music from the pair soon.

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