M83 'Go' Review: Gonzalez Gets Funky With Steve Vai Guitar Solo

By Ryan Middleton | Apr 04, 2016 03:55 PM EDT

M83 is just a few days away from releasing his new album Junk and has unveiled their third single from the LP "Go!" The new single features French singer Mai Lan and a guitar solo from virtuoso Steve Vai.

M83 gets funky on this new record with a new bit of dance-pop. It starts out soft and a tad cheesy with a saxophone wailing in the distance hinting at a regrettable 1980s track. It quickly takes the right fork in the road and introduces some atmospheric synths and Mai Lan's heavily layered vocals. Drums and a funky guitar lick beckon the infectious hook before another slow break eases into another hook from M83 that Mai Lan lets you know exactly when it is coming with a countdown.

Steve Vai's contribution is felt after the second break as a searing guitar solo comes through the mix alongside a third hook as all of the instruments are played on full blast.

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Anthony Gonzalez, M83, commented on how he was able to get the guitar master on this record.

"We asked for the craziest space solo possible, which wasn't hard for him. He sent us three different takes, and we blended two to make the ultimate Steve Vai solo. It was amazing to work with him."

This is the third solo to emerge from M83's upcoming album Junk. Pick up "Go!" on iTunes.

He has already released others such as "Do It, Try It."

M83 is heading out on a very extensive tour for the next five months starting on Wednesday in New Orleans. He and his band will head to Australia, Europe, Asia and all over North America over the rest of the spring and summer. Mixed in with some headlining shows are loads of festival gigs in Europe and the United States. Find details for that here.

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