Good Charlotte '40 oz. Dream' Review: New 'Youth Authority' Single Oozes Nostalgia [LISTEN]

By Carolyn Menyes | Apr 04, 2016 05:16 PM EDT

Good Charlotte are looking forward with a new album Youth Authority, but on the album's lead single, it seems as though Benji and Joel Madden are looking back. On Monday (April 4), the pop-punkers released a new track "40 oz. Dream," and it's all about the glorious days where Eazy-E was on MTV and rock stars were still junkies.

Sonically, old school Good Charlotte fans will find a lot of comfort in "40 oz. Dream." The track features a plucky, acoustic-guitar lead melody, which transitions to a slightly harder arrangement in the chorus. And, despite lyrics that decry how punk rockers are now parents and Gillman's notoriously edgy scene has "cops snoring," there's a major blend of pop and punk in this song's hook that could really only happen in 2000s rock 'n' roll.

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Also, in a nice move of familiarity for Good Charlotte fans, Joel Madden's voice has remained unchanged from time, and a little introduction of Autotune technology also brings in the more poppy side of the band's pop-punk genre.

And, despite not being the sort of hard punk rockers that these lyrics seem to idealize, Good Charlotte don't seem to be taking the song's rockist, hardcore rap loving message too seriously. Like some of the band's earliest, biggest hits (we're looking at you, "Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous" and "Girls & Boys"), this track is meant to be listened to with a wink.

"For us '40 oz. Dream' was the perfect song to kick off our new album. It's got all the sarcasm and humor we've always loved, and lots of affection for the past and present. As a band that formed in 1996, it's a fun moment to be welcomed back so warmly. We're very happy to have found our place in 2016," Benji Madden told Rolling Stone.

"40 oz. Dream" is the latest song to be released from Good Charlotte's forthcoming album Youth Authority. It follows the release of last year's teaser track "Makeshift Love." The album is set for release on July 15.

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