Weekend WunderList: The Ready Set Unveil Album With Eclectic Playlist

By Ryan Middleton | Apr 08, 2016 03:15 PM EDT

Do you continuously find yourself trying to find the right playlist for your weekend? Look no further, Music Times is teaming up with different musicians each week and having them curate a Spotify playlist especially for you. Each week we will be bringing in a new artist and have them put together something special that you can listen to from Friday night to Sunday afternoon.

Electro-pop singer The Ready Set, born Jordan Witzigreuter, is the latest to join our Weekend Wunderlist segment. The Fort Wayne, Indiana native is with us on the release date of his fourth album, I Will Be Nothing Without Your Love, a potpourri of love, lust and longing, emoted in various punk, electronic and rock elements.

Speaking about the album, Witzigreuter says it is more "me" than anything he has done in the past. "Self-producing the album gave it a sense of continuity I've been chasing but finally feels 'there'. It's a step in the direction of where I've wanted to see TRS go."

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Remaining personal, the album is more minimal and barebones. "I wrote this album in a bit more 'stream of consciousness' style than I've done in the past, trying not to overthink things and just go with my instincts," says The Ready Set.

The distinct electronic feel that was heard on singles such as the distinctly tropical house-influenced track "Good Enough" is not all that new to the group says the frontman.

"It's funny because there are actually a lot more guitars on this album than older stuff I've done, but essentially TRS has always been an electronic thing. There are a few dance songs on it, but a lot of it isn't really that way.

I did make this album with literally zero recording gear other than a microphone, laptop, audio interface, and a midi keyboard, so I'm always utilizing samples and electronic stuff. That's just sort of how I learned to do things."

The playlist he chose has possibly the widest range of tracks we have had on thus far running this. There is everyone from The Cure, to Magic Man, to Placebo, to Robyn and even some Matoma.

Speaking on the inspiration for the playlist, Witzigreuter says, "It's a combination of stuff I grew up on, new stuff I'm inspired by, and a bit of 80's music that I've been really into lately. The stuff I grew up with was in my head a lot while I was writing this album in the sense that it was important for me to channel the things that originally made me love writing music when I first started out."

Check out the playlist below and pick up The Ready Set's album on iTunes here.

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