TV One's 'Love Under New Management': 5 Jaw Dropping Moments

By Wanda J Coppage | Jun 14, 2016 11:02 AM EDT

TV One aired their first biopic on Sunday June 12 with the Miki Howard story, Love Under New Management. The 2-hour production not only kept fans entertained by a phenomenal cast, but introduced several jaw dropping moments that left viewers in awe and gasping. Check out the top five OMG moments from the film.

Though the Unsung story of the legendary "Come Share My Love" singer aired in 2011 as the series' third episode, it was on June 12 that the full feature biopic, covering her journey through the music world; drug addiction and heartbreak, hit the small screen. As the first venture original story of its kind released by TV One, the film was the ultimate success, as noted by the many tweets received on the network's Twitter page, using the hashtag #MikiHowardStory.

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In honor of Black Music Month, the network tapped a stellar cast to bring the vision and story to life as reported by Billboard, adding Lisa Raye McCoy, Vanessa Bell Calloway, Darius McCrary and Teyonah Parris as Howard. But the casting that wowed viewers and is number five on the jaw dropping list is the woman who played iconic singer Chaka Khan -- her daughter Indira Khan.

Indira is Khan's first child (born in 1974) who, as viewers learned on Sunday night, has an uncanny resemblance to her mother, not only with her looks but, also her power house vocals. Khan shouted out her daughter on Twitter, including a video of her singing one of her mother's classics "Sweet Thing" that'll make you say "WOW!" Complete with the big bold red hair, Indira's presence in Love Under New Management was amazing.

Khan's role in the film as Howard's close friend ranks number four on the list. Shocking may be an understatement when learning that is was Khan who introduced heavy drugs into Howard's life and how often they got high. Those who follow Khan's career know that she did battle with drug and alcohol abuse until she got clean and became a vegan (she looks AMAZING in present day.) But, who knew it was to the extent that it was until this movie? From the looks of it, Khan is not debating how the story was told or how she was portrayed. In fact, she even tweeted a moment from the movie where she and Howard first meet.. and yep she got high in front of her during that very first meeting.

Other than the obvious factor of Howard's life, she can sing, viewers learned another interesting fact about the "Ain't Nobody Like You" singer - she was "Gangsta."

Number three wow factor was NWA's Eazy E appearance in the film. Though it was never outright said that Howard dated the West Coast rapper, the fact that he was a notable part of her life that he made it into the film, and during her Unsung 2011 airing, she mentioned how after switching from Atlantic Records to Giant Records, she recorded and shot the video for the 1992 hit, "Ain't Nobody Like You" where her style had switched and she was a little more gritty than before because of who she was dating. Hmmm???

Her association with Eazy E alone was not the only part of the movie that showed her gangsta side. The number 2 wow factor from the film were these moments: the tear drop under her eye; when she goes to see her "pusher" to buy more drugs but doesn't have any money so she offers her watch instead. Somehow, she ends up with the "pusher's" gun, beats him with it and takes the drugs. Oh, but she did leave her watch. Howard's "middle finger in the air" mugshot, along with how she almost choked the life out of her ex-husband when he came into her dressing room and called her a stupid b*tch were seriously intense.

Number one on the list, which was captured in a tweet, was Howards's cameo appearance in her own biopic as the woman who put the drugs in her on screen character's hand, after the funeral of Gerald Levert. Did you know that was the real Miki Howard?

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