March 18, 2019 / 12:48 PM

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R&B Group Next Squashes Beef, Reunites to Bring More Great Music



After years of not speaking and distancing themselves from R&B music as a group, Raphael Brown, Terry Brown and R.L. Huggar of Next have decided to squash their beef and get back to making new hits and performing the old ones that took their career to new levels.

After years of not communicating with each other and allowing many different issues to ultimately disband the group that brought R&B fans hits like "Butta Love," "Wifey" and "Too Close," the three group members agreed that now is the time to move forward, and display a new level of maturity.

The group stopped to chat with TMZ to give a brief explanation of what happened within their circle that caused so much friction, the three stopped speaking for years. According to Huggar, a lot of it was due to the people they had around them and whom they allowed to come in between their brotherhood.

"A lot of times there's people who come in between and we realize as long as we communicate, then that can't happen," explained Huggar.

The Brown brothers, Terry and Raphael agreed with Huggar and explained how they have always looked at each other as family, and even though you don't always see eye to eye with your family, there will always be love there.

"It's about maturity and growth and forgiveness and understanding," explained Huggar on moving past their differences within the group. "Hopefully we can set an example for other artists to come back together and understand it's bigger than us. We got a legacy to uphold."

That legacy was spotlighted on the TV One series Unsung, where each member had their opportunity to speak about what went wrong. Raphael "Tweet" explained during the segment how it almost came down to an actual physical confrontation between him and Huggar. But, before that could happen, Huggar ultimately left the group to pursue his solo endeavors.

It was the premiere of the Unsung story that prompted a reunion between the men, that was long overdue. According to This Is RnB, it was before hitting the stage at the series screen party that the men sat down at an L.A. pizzeria to break bread and do a bit of reminiscing.

The group's debut album Rated Next solidified their place in R&B and their Unsung story not only opened up the fans hearts to the group once again, but provided the opportunity for their own hearts to be re-opened to each other -- so their legacy in music can continue.

With the hashtag #NEXTISBACK on their Twitter page all fans can do now is anxiously await a new album.

Watch the full episode here.

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