Anika Noni Rose Talks 'Power''s Jukebox on 'Today', Says 'She's Very Alpha' with an Agenda

By Wanda J Coppage | Aug 01, 2016 06:00 PM EDT

Sunday night's episode of the STARZ series Power introduced the new ruthless character Jukebox, played by Anika Noni Rose, who gave a little insight on what fans can expect from Kanan's pint-sized family member during her interview on Today. As most have probably already determined, "she's very alpha", has her own agenda and no one will stand her way.

Rose has masterfully displayed her range as an actress with roles like the sweet, caring and sometimes timid Lorrell Robinson in the 2006 movie adaptation Dreamgirls, to now portraying a ruthless, intimidating crooked police officer in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area, as Jukebox in Season 3 of Power. The introduction of the latest character took place during the openinig scene of the "I Got This On Lock" episode.


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"I Got This On Lock" opened with the robbery of a local pharmacy by an unidentified young adult black male armed with a handgun, TVLine reported. The robber ordered the pharmacy attendant to give him the money from the register and put it in a brown paper bag. Cameras then turn to show another young adult black male in the store with the robber in a different section, completely unaware of what his friend was doing. Once the situation becomes clear, the non-robber addresses the guy holding the gun and tries to talk him down. When that doesn't work, he grabs his cell phone to either text or call someone.

Who he contacted became clear moments later when a female police officer, petite in size and later identified as Jukebox, arrived at the scene entering the pharmacy with her gun drawn. To the viewer, it seemed as if she were there to help, and in a way she was, but not the attendant who was being robbed at gunpoint. With gun pointed at the male robber, the attendant informs her that he triggered the silent alarm prior to her arrival.

"I really wish you hadn't done that," Jukebox stated to the attendant just before ordering the robber to shoot the attendant dead. Once that was done, Jukebox then turned her gun on the robber and shot and killed him.

Rose's July 29 visit to the Today set summed up her character's heartless actions from Sunday's episode and future episodes with a very brief but succinct description that explained so much.

"She's a very interesting person," explained Rose. "She's very alpha, she's very smart, she's very New York. And she has an agenda and she's really not going to have somebody get in her way about it."

In the episode, Jukebox is later revealed as Kanan's (50 Cent/Curtis Jackson) cousin who had been very close since they were kids. Jukebox revealed in the episode how Kanan was the first person she revealed her sexuality to, while Kanan was also very comfortable sharing intimate details about himself, like how he was the one who pulled the trigger to kill his son.

Rose explained during the interview how Power is a very strong show that many have taken to because of how well-written and believable the storyline is, which is what co-creators Jackson and Courtney A. Kemp were striving for when developing the character, loosely based on Jackson's mother.

"...In some small way she's based on his mom," Kemp revealed of Jukebox in comparison to Jackson's mother.

Kemp stated it was Jackson who provided the sexuality angle to the character, as reported by TV Guide, from growing up in a household where women slept with other women.

The Jukebox character will provide a more in-depth view into Kanan's past while discovering more details on her hidden "agenda."

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