Watch Katy Perry Soar In Olympics Anthem 'Rise' Music Video

By Ryan Middleton | Aug 09, 2016 01:47 PM EDT

Katy Perry has released the music video for her Olympics anthem "Rise." The "Roar" singer is featured as the main character in this short video about her battle to tame a parachute in a hanger and then out to the stunning red sandstone formations of Utah's Snow Canyon and San Hallow State Parks.

In the video, Perry exemplifies the themes of strength, perseverance and conquering an inner struggle. She starts out battling the pink parachute in a small hangar, attempting to coral it as the wind tries to pull her back and forth and the parachute envelops her.

The scene switches outdoors to the sandstone plateaus and mountains of two of Utah's finest state parks. She continues her struggle through the treacherous landscape. There is a period where it seems like all hope is lost as she gets caught in a rainstorm and can't seem to grapple with the conditions. Eventually she battles, keeps her head above water and conquers her own inner demons.

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As she says in the chorus, "Oh, ye of so little faith / Don't doubt it, don't doubt it / Victory is in your veins / You know it, you know it / And you will not negotiate / Just fight it, just fight it / And be transformed."

The music video was directed by Paul Gore, who has done work for Massive Attack, John Legend, Amy Winehouse and others.

The song has been used by NBC as one of the main themes for their Olympic Coverage in Rio. The first video was a smattering of various United States Olympic athletes and dedicated to them.

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