Premiere: Flo Rida Protege Marco Foster Shares New Single 'Candyman'

By Ryan Middleton | Sep 01, 2016 06:00 PM EDT

It is a rare opportunity when a young, budding artist gets taken under the wing of an international superstar. That is what has happened to Washington D.C. born, New York City based singer and guitarist Marco Foster who caught the eye of Flo Rida recently. Since then Foster has joined him for high-profile performances globally and been singed to Flo Rida's IMG/Strongarm label. Taking a step away from the Flo Rida camp, Foster joins Haitian producer and DJ Michael Brun's label Kid Coconut for his latest single "Candyman," which we are happy to premiere for you today.

The song has the feel of an end of a summer track. Its playful instrumental and Foster's silky smooth vocals make this track glide from start to finish. If there is something that Flo Rida did spot it is his ability to come up with a strong hook, which is what you need to make it in pop music.

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"I'm really excited to release my single, 'Candyman.' It's a perfect way to end the summer for me - I can't wait to share this one with the world! This was one of those songs that just kind of wrote itself," said Foster in an email statement to Music Times. "Once we had the concept the rest just came naturally as far as melodies and lyrics. I've always admired artists who are versatile stylistically and this song definitely shows a different, more fun side of me artistically"

The song is not signed to any major or pop label, but rather Michael Brun's Kid Coconut, a place usually for electronic music. He explains how he met Foster and why he signed this song.

"I met Marco a few weeks ago in NY and was really impressed with the music that he's been making. 'Candyman' was one of my favorite tracks I heard from him so I'm psyched to now have it as a release on Kid Coconut."

Stream the song exclusively below before it is released on all portals tomorrow.

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