Phantogram Fall Into the "Same Old Blues" on New Single from Forthcoming Album 'Three'

By Cailey Lindberg | Sep 16, 2016 04:28 PM EDT

From the first second of Phantogram’s new single “Same Old Blues,” the listener is just a bit uncertain how to feel. Producer Ricky Reed promised an emotionally heavy album, but as with most leading singles the band had a few surprises in store, including a faded sample of a choir singing. Forthcoming album, Three, had originally been scheduled for release today, but has now been pushed back to Oct. 7.

All things considered, new song “Same Old Blues” is a nice consolation prize for fans hungry for new Phantogram music. The band generally lists their creations as “dream pop,” “street beat,” and “psych pop” and on this one we clearly hear all of those elements, with Sarah Barth delivering some Western-style vocal swag over a choppy beat.

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“Same Old Blues” can be heard as a type of elated pain, and that familiar sinking feeling that can lift you up as well as down, through airy synths and a psychedelic guitar bridge. Altogether confusing emotions (in the best type of way) if you ask any avid listener of the band. 

Thus far, Three has delivered the emotional weight Reed promised on “You Don’t Get Me High Anymore,” “Cruel World,” “Run Blood Run” and the aforementioned new single.

Phantogram announced their upcoming fall tour this past June and the original release date for Three on Republic Records. The tour will stretch cross country and includes dates in musical hotspots Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Seattle, Toronto, Boston, New York, Philadelphia and New Orleans.

Their latest album, Big Grams, was a collaboration with Big Boi of Outkast. The upcoming album is slated to be 10 tracks long. The tour was originally planned to begin two weeks after release on September 29, but is also being delayed like the album. 

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