Stream, Download The Naked & Famous New Album 'Simple Forms'

By Ryan Middleton | Oct 14, 2016 10:10 AM EDT

New Zealand rock quintet The Naked & Famous have released their new album Simple Forms. It is their first album since 2013's In Rolling Waves and their third overall.

The album picks up right where they left off on In Rolling Waves. Their accessible, festival-ready indie rock sound with a touch of synth pop is present throughout the album. Singer Alisa Xalalith is a constant with her soaring vocals that matches the euphoric instrumentals.

The synth-heavy, indie rock sound ebbs and flows through the album except for a few mid-tempo and straightaway indie rock cuts.

Though most of the songs sound cheery and upbeat, much of the lyrics represent the struggle that both Xayalith and guitarist and vocalist, Thom Powers have been going through after their relationship broke down after eight years.

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"Laid Low" dives into the pain of loss and heartbreak, despite the cheery instrumental.

"Laid low by heartache / I'm trying to stay afloat / Keeping the light down low / Let go of our restraint," sings Xayalith in the second verse.

"Falling" feels like the response from Powers as the lead vocalist. Powers deals with heartbreak his own way and the messy process that can be. They trade lines in the hook that sound like the final conversation between couples.

The album isn't pushing the envelope into drastic new directions for The Naked & Famous, but they have created a niche and own it.

The Naked & Famous saw success early on with their album Passive Me, Aggressive You and the single "Young Blood." There are a few potential candidates to be the next big global single in "Higher" or "My Energy."

Simple Forms is out now and available to stream or download via your favorite portal.

The band is about to embark on a world tour starting in a week across North America and Europe. They will hit perform across North America until mid-December and then head over to Europe for a month of shows in January. Get the all of the information on their website.

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