Martin Garrix Shares Julian Jordan, The Federal Empire Collaborations

By Ryan Middleton | Oct 19, 2016 01:06 PM EDT

Martin Garrix has shared two more songs of the seven he plans on releasing this week as part of his week of new music during Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE). He has released his collaboration with fellow Dutchman, Julian Jordan, "Welcome" and his song with Los Angeles-based band The Federal Empire "Hold On & Believe."

Both of the tracks were included in his 2016 Ultra Music Festival set, where he premiered 10 new songs.

"Welcome" finds Garrix reconnect with his "BFAM" or best friends from another mother on their second collaboration and first since 2012. It is the grittiest of the bunch that have been released so far, with a driving bass line and heavy, distorted synths powering the track underneath.

Yesterday he shared his song "Hold On & Believe" with The Federal Empire, which has been floating around on YouTube in various unfinished states as a collaboration with Avicii. It makes sense since it has a distinct Avicii sound to it, much like Garrix and Avicii's last collaboration, "Waiting For Love," where Garrix was only listed in the song credits as a co-writer.

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The song has a cheery melody with bright synths and easy, danceable four-on-the-floor beat, aided by The Federal Empire vocalist Chad Wolf.

These are the two latest singles to emerge from the Garrix treasure trove of unreleased songs that he is releasing this week. He is unveiling seven songs over the course of a week from Oct. 15 to Oct. 21. He has already shared collaborations with Mesto, Dawn Golden and Jay Hardway.

The next two will arrive as he closes out the week and heads into the weekend with the potential of topping the DJ Mag voting charts.

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