Tish Hyman Tells Story of Struggle in New Video "All That I Can Do" off 'Dedicated To' [WATCH]

By Wanda J Coppage | Nov 18, 2016 03:59 PM EST

Tish Hyman's latest single "All That I Can Do" now has an official music video to provide a visual to her story of struggle and solace found in the song's verses.

Tish Hyman is living life and loving it while on a mission with that same old dream. She wrote and sang about this journey on her debut EP Dedicated To, with songs like "4 Letter Word" and "Dreams."

But before her journey moved her to Los Angeles and before signing a deal with Jill Scott's independent label, Blues Babe Records, the Bronx native witnessed and endured a lot of pain and strife growing up in New York City. Those strifes became her muse when penning the single "All That I Can Do," where she revealed much of her back story.

"Cousin got locked up / Old friend got shot up / Older brother's on the run from the coppers," she wrote and sang about in the song's first verse.

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Though most of the lyrics speak to the tragedies remembered from her past, one thing remains true for the soulful singer, "...even if the sky is falling down [she's] gotta keep on keepin' on - that's all that [she] can do.

Keepin' on despite the odds has landed Hyman many opportunities to lend her talent as a songwriter to people like Kelly Rowland, Alisha Keys, Ty Dolla $ign and Fabolous.

The two hip hop elites returned the favor by joining Hyman on her own project, as featured artists on the single "Dreams."

Though often compared to a young Lauryn Hill because of their similar sound of rapping and singing, Hyman is stepping into a lane of her own and allowing fans an inside look to who she really is on her website, social media outlets and while performing live on stage.

The Blue Babes Records artist is currently touring with Lil' Wayne and has previously joined others on tour like, The Roots, Yuna, BJ the Chicago Kid and her label owner, Scott.

Both ladies of soul performed at the Mandalay Bay Events Center on Friday, Nov. 4 for the 2016 Soul Train Weekend Music Festival.

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