‘Hellboy’ Reboot Re-Introduces BPRD Along with New Characters; Del Toro ‘Fine’ with New Movie

By Staff Reporter | Aug 16, 2017 12:11 PM EDT

Director Neil Marshall's take on the "Hellboy" comic series will have the Bureau for Paranormal Research and Development as an integral part of the movie. With the titular demon as part of the organization, the department will also introduce characters from the comics that have not been fleshed out on the first "Hellboy" movies.

As /Film reports, some of the B.P.R.D. members that would be part of the new "Hellboy" movie includes Abe Sapien, Alice Monaghan and Major Ben Daimio. While Abe, a humanoid amphibious man that is also called "Blue", has appeared onscreen on the first two "Hellboy" films, "Hellboy" will be the first time Monaghan and Major Daimio will appear onscreen.

Monaghan, an Irish woman that Hellboy saved from fairies as an infant, will be played by Sasha Lane of "American Honey". As of the moment, however, no actor has been cast to play the military-type Daimio, who has the ability to transform into a monster through a curse. The team will be joining David Harbour's red-skinned Hellboy as he faces the film's big baddie, the Blood Queen, played by Resident Evil alum Milla Jovovich.

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In other news, Guillermo Del Toro has finally spoken regarding the reboot of the "Hellboy" series. According to Cinema Blend, Del Toro, who directed Hellboy's first two outings, has stated that he is perfectly fine with the reboot. The director also adds that since Mike Mignola owns the character, not him, he has no issue if a reboot would be made.

It would be remembered that early this year, Del Toro met with Mignola and actor Ron Perlman, who played the titular character, on green-lighting the third installment of his "Hellboy" series. While there was a demand for a final chapter of the three-part series, based on the response on social media, Del Toro announced that the third movie will not happen.

 While there is no set date, the "Hellboy" reboot is slated to premiere in 2018.

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