Taylor Swift's "Look What You Made Me Do" Is YouTube's Top Trending Music Video On Day One

By Emily Joy Custodio | Aug 29, 2017 12:03 PM EDT

There is a new music video that is climbing rapidly in viewership, and it is no other than from Taylor Swift. It already surpasses the YouTube trend for Daddy Yankee and Luis Fonsi's Despacito for a 24-hour timeline. It has also reached more than Adele's "Hello" of 27 million views on its first day of release.

How did Taylor Swift's "Look What You Made Me Do" music video trended after it was released on Friday? Over the weekend and within a 24 hour-period, ABC reported that the music video got 28 million views already in whatever marketing strategy Swift used on it. It may have been played repeatedly for a chance to get front-row seats on her upcoming tour or this has something to do with a special pass by purchasing the album on November 10.

There is definitely a reason why 1 to 3 million viewers watched her music video every hour and why the music video was called a "Reputation-era" by Billboard. The music video in itself was referring to Taylor Swift and her return single shows a bolder, fiercer Swift. The YouTube video which was uploaded Sunday night, apart from its release on Friday, not only trended on YouTube but sets the record on Spotify for 8 million streams that same day.

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The lyric video even has its own rank as the most -viewed lyric video in a 24-hour period reaching 19 million views which were previously topped by The Chainsmokers' "Something Just Like This" with only 9 million views. Predictions say that Swift's "Look What You Made Me Do" will surpass the 7-month challenge that "Despacito" did just to reign over "Gangnam Style" and it looks as though it would take less effort and time. The credit for this success goes back to Joseph Kahn's direction of the music video with the ingenuity of Taylor Swift and Jack Antonoff in song writing and production.

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