'Gotham' Returns With Resurrected Solomon Grundy: Scarecrow To Wreak Havoc In Gotham City

By Tania Gutierrez | Sep 18, 2017 06:13 PM EDT

Drew Powell’s character, Butch Gilzean, was killed off by Barbara Kean in “Gotham” last season. Even so, the actor will be back when the series returns playing a different character this time. It will be that of a zombie named Solomon Grundy.

Grundy admitted to feeling “giddy like a school girl” upon being given the new role reports Comicbook.  He also assures fans of his old character not to worry because Butch will not be completely gone from “Gotham.” He explained, “I do think there’s going to be a lot of Butch still in Grundy and I think that makes perfect sense in the way that [producer John Stephens] and the writers have set this up.”

Grundy said he was excited to sort of bring the two characters in Solomon Grundy. But, who is the real Butch Gilzean? He was pronounced dead in the hospital last season in “Gotham” when the doctors discovered that his real name was really Cyrus Gold. In the comic books, he is a man from the 19th century who eventually became Solomon Grundy – the evil zombie.

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The character was first introduced in October 1944 in “All American Comics” #61. Through the years, Solomon has been given different origin stories according to Heavy. The most popular of these had him dying in Gotham City’s Slaughter Swamp. The other stories, however, say that his body was simply brought there after his death. After several years, he resurrected as Solomon Grundy.

 Another character that is expected to return when the new season of “Gotham” premieres on September 21 is Scarecrow aka Jonathan Crane. The character was established in episode 15 of Season 1 and was played by Charlie Tahan. Partners Jim Gordon (Ben McKenzie) and Harvey Bullock (Donal Logue) went after his father who was harvesting the adrenal glands of his murder victims.

In “Gotham” Season 4, Jonathan returns to wreak havoc in Gotham City. Powell teased that his comeback will be “super creepy” which viewers are guaranteed to love.

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