'Gotham' Season 4 Will Show Poison Ivy Transformation & Barbara Kean Going Back To Being Good

By Tania Gutierrez | Oct 02, 2017 06:26 AM EDT

“Gotham” Season 4 will give viewers Ivy’s (Maggie Geha) transformation to her comic book counterpart Poison Ivy. In the comics, Poison Ivy is the dangerous plant-controlling and poison-oozing villain.

EP Bryan Wynbrandt said in an interview that Ivy is fed up with being treated as an outcast and like a little girl reports Syfy Wire. She is fed up with Penguin and alienated by the Sirens. To Ivy, it was the perfect time to push her character to a new direction according to Wynbrandt.

Ivy will take matters into her own hands and ingests poison that will make her powerful. Wynbrandt said that it will indeed be a major shift in Ivy’s character. However, he also revealed that Ivy is going to go away for a little while in “Gotham” Season 4. Wynbrandt assures that the wait will be worth it once Ivy comes back.

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When Ivy returns in the later part of “Gotham” Season 4, viewers will see her transformed or becoming more of Poison Ivy from the comics. Wynbrandt said, she is “dangerous and a live wire of crazy energy”.

With “becoming” or “transforming” being a core thematic element running through the entire show, Ivy’s transformation will not be the first and last. “One of the things we love about our show and our great cast is that we can constantly evolve their characters in interesting and dynamic ways.”

In the first season, Barbara Kean (Erin Richards) transformed significantly from being Jim Gordon’s (Ben McKenzie) fiancee to a villain. In “Gotham” Season 4, she might be given the chance to become good again.

Richards said that it’s interesting how her character can have so much potential reports Bustle. Barbara can go anywhere, from going back to good and then bad again. The actress added that one thing great about Barbara is that “we actually don’t know the end of her.”

If Barbara is going back to being good in “Gotham” Season 4, will she ultimately get back together with Jim? Even if she does not, many are saying that the tv version of the character is already far more compelling than the one in the comic books. The current season airs every Thursday on FOX.

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