LOOK: Photos Of Brie Larson In Her Green 'Captain Marvel' Costume Go Up Online

By Diana Samson | Jan 26, 2018 01:09 AM EST

Brie Larson is ready to save the world as Captain Marvel. Leaked photos from the set share a first look at Carol Danvers' superhero costume.

Marvel At Captain Marvel

The upcoming superhero movie started doing production work earlier this month in California and is set to be released in 2019. Larson, who has been cast as Carol Danvers, the pilot who gains superpowers after an alien encounter, was spotted on set.

Photos of the Academy Award-winning actress wearing her Air Force costume and posing alongside her plane have already circulated the internet. But, this week, fans saw, for the first time, what the 28-year-old's costume would look like when she finally makes her big screen debut.

Page Six was able to acquire photos of Larson while filming in California. In the scene, Captain Marvel can be seen in the middle of the street looking at a newspaper and conversing with a man.

Many noticed that Marvel went for Carol Danvers' current superhero costume in the comic books. Curiously, however, it does not have the character's signature blue, red, and gold color palette. Instead, the costume is green. Some fans noted that the silver and green is reminiscent of the Kree, the alien race that granted Carol Danvers her superpowers. The costume, according to Gizmodo, in fact, looks like the first design of the original Captain Mar-Vell.

Marvel Entertainment has already previewed Larson's arrival at the Marvel Cinematic Universe with a concept art earlier this year and it showed a more familiar Captain Marvel. This green costume could be the suit she tries on before she finds her own superhero identity and, therefore, be able to find her iconic look. Some speculate that the green in her costume could be for the CGI that will be added later on. Here is what her costume might look like.

Filming Hiatus

Despite its early start, Captain Marvel will not be completed before summer. Reports confirm that, while filming has already started in California, production will take a long break soon and will not resume work until March.

MCU made a little digging and found that the California Film Commission offered the movie a substantial tax break amounting to over $20 million. However, in order for Marvel Entertainment to avail of the tax break, Captain Marvel has to begin principal photography in California within the allotted time period. If the company waited until March as was planned, they would lose the massive tax break.

Marvel will officially begin filming Captain Marvel with the complete cast and crew later this year.

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