June 23, 2018 / 4:38 AM

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'Grand Theft Auto 5' Features 240 Licensed Songs, Including Originals From Flying Lotus and Tyler, The Creator


The most anticipated video game of the year is "Grand Theft Auto V." Hands down. The game has a higher budget than the film "Prometheus," a map of epic proportions, and more relevant to us at Music Times, a soundtrack featuring at least 240 licensed songs featured on the games famous radio stations. Ivan Pavlovich, the soundtrack supervisor for Rockstar Games, gave some previews to Rolling Stone recently.

Vinewood Boulevard Radio
Focusing on modern rock, particularly the sound of Los Angeles rock (although the game takes place in the fictional city of Los Santos), this station's DJs will be voiced by Stephen Pope and Nate Williams of San Diego surf rockers Wavves.

DJ Camilo Lara of the electronic music project Mexican Institute of Sound helped to compile this station, representing the nationality's influence on the Los Angeles area. Camilo might be into electronica, but Pavlovich says the tracks speak to the entire Mexican music experience.

West Coast Classics
DJ Pooh, the producer best known for his work with rapper Ice Cube, will host a station playing exactly what its title suggests. Pavlovich praised Pooh for being helpful, noting that the DJ would call whenever he visited his famous friends, such as Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg, to see if he could score music.

Rebel Radio
This station specializes in the outlaw country not playing on your mainstream country station, and Rockstar recruited the single best possible individual to host: Jesco White, the central hell-raiser from the awe-inspiring documentary "The Wild and Wonderful Whites of West Virginia." We can't wait to hear his on-air banter.

The game will also include "20 movies worth" of original score, as well as new music from Flying Lotus and Tyler, The Creator. Bootsy Collins of Parliament-Funkadelic and rocker Kenny Loggins will also host stations in their respective genres.

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