Yes, it's true. Dave Matthews and Nirvana bassist Krist Novoselic have posted a selfie to Twitter ... and the world is totally excited! At least, Twitter is. The iconic bassist posted the photo to the social media platform last night, saying he ran into the Dave Matthews Band frontman at Boeing Field in Seattle, WA. Matthews is currently riding high – not only because he and the bassist got to pose alongside one another – but also because his band's major label debut album, Under the Table and Dreaming, just turned 20-years-old.

Check out the Matthews-Novoselic selfie below:

Just last month, Novoselic was in Aberdeen celebrating a new mural that honored the legendary grunge band.

Matthews, as mentioned, has been celebrating the 20th anniversary of his band's first studio album, which was released back on Sept. 27, 1994. Upon the anniversary, the band dropped word that they will be re-releasing the record on vinyl. The record is due out this coming Nov. 24 –– just in time for the holidays, of course. Relix recently spoke with Under the Table and Dreaming producer Steve Lillywhite about the record.

Back to the aforementioned Krist Novoselic-Dave Matthews selfie, it goes without saying, but fans were rather excited to see the two together. The tweet has so far garnered over 200 retweets and 800 favorites. Take a glance at some of the reactions below: