Nirvana 'Nevermind'

Nirvana Baby Enjoyed Being In The Spotlight Prior To The Lawsuit -- But Why Is Spencer Elden Suing Now?

Buzz 07:47AM EDT

The Nirvana baby, born Spencer Elden, became famous at only four months old after gracing the band's cover album "Nevermind."READ MORE

'Nirvana,' Kurt Cobain

Famous 'Nirvana' Baby In 'Nevermind's' Album Art Suing The Band, Kurt Cobain's Estate Over THIS Reason [DETAILS]

Buzz 07:26AM EDT

Spencer Elden, the baby photographed in 'Nirvana's' 'Nevermind' album is suing Kurt Cobain's estate and the band.READ MORE

Dark Knight: Top 3 Songs Featured in Batman Movies

Dark Knight: Top 3 Songs Featured In Batman Movies

Exclusives 23:00PM EDT

Batman is one of the most recognizable superheroes from comic books. He does not have superpowers but he relies on gadgets, his genius intellect, martial arts, and being in peak human condition instead.READ MORE

Jason Everman

4 Musicians Who Left Right Before Their Bands Hit Stardom

Exclusives 05:37AM EDT

As bands and artists often reach a fork on their roads, not everyone takes a unanimous vote on which path to take. Here are four musicians who left their bands right before stardom.READ MORE

If You Seek Amy

7 Upbeat Songs With Surprisingly Dark Messages

Exclusives 01:11AM EDT

There are no rules in music and anything an artist can conceive, they can turn into song, some more popular than others. Here are seven of the songs that mask their surprisingly dark messages with upbeat music:READ MORE

Prince on the

4 Hit Songs That Were Created by Accident

Exclusives 22:11PM EDT

Some songs, however, are born out of a stroke of luck - be it a happy accident or a last-minute decision. Here are four of the songs that came out of nowhere, were almost scrapped, released anyway, and somehow climbed to the top of the charts.READ MORE

Weezer's Pinkerton

4 Classic Albums That Flopped When They First Came Out

Exclusives 07:39AM EDT

Some works by famous musicians either went unnoticed during their time or were generally unsuccessful in terms of sales. Unlike most flops, however, these albums found recognition later. Some were simply ahead of their time while others were rediscovered thanks to their artists' latter success and fame.READ MORE


Nirvana Vinyl Records to Fill Your "Heart-Shaped Box"

Exclusives 23:57PM EDT

The legendary trio of Cobain, together with Dave Grohl and Krist Novoselic has become the face of a generation. To experience the short-lived yet highly influential band; here are some Nirvana vinyl records you can't miss:READ MORE

Malone Channels Cobain

Post Malone Goes All “Rockstar” on Nirvana Tribute

Buzz 22:21PM EDT

Rapper Post Malone has just finished his Nirvana Tribute in support of coronavirus efforts, showing off his rock music capabilities, earlier today, April 24.READ MORE

A Nirvana Tribute for a Cause

Post Malone to Host a Nirvana Tribute For Coronavirus Aid

Buzz 18:07PM EDT

Rapper-songwriter Post Malone is set to hold a live-streamed concert as a tribute to Nirvana this coming Friday, April 24, 6PM ET.READ MORE

Chad Kroeger

Nickelback Fans Want Chad Kroeger To Headline Nirvana Show

Buzz 07:00AM EDT

Nickelback's Chad Kroeger is rumored to be performing with Nirvana. It all started with a Facebook page organized a fake show for the artist and band.READ MORE

Dave Grohl

WATCH: Dave Grohl Pranks Fans In Sweden With Fake Stage Fall

Buzz 07:31AM EDT

Dave Grohl's stunt double faked a stage fall during Foo Fighters' concert in Sweden on Tuesday. Fans of the band had a good laugh over the ruse.READ MORE

Dave Grohl

Dave Grohl Admits He Still Can’t Listen To Nirvana, Calls Band’s Songs ‘Personal’

Buzz 10:49AM EDT

Dave Grohl recently revealed why he still does not listen to the songs of Nirvana. The Foo Fighters vocalist and guitarist also talked about the future of punk music.READ MORE

Dave Grohl

WATCH: Dave Grohl, Daughter Violet Cover Adele’s ‘When We Were Young’

Genres 07:03AM EDT

Dave Grohl of Foo Fighters surprised fans by performing Adele's 'When We Were Young' with his 12-year-old daughter, Violet. He also brought out 8-year-old Harper for a family rendition of 'Sky Is A Neighborhood.'READ MORE

Nirvana Kurt Cobain

Unearthed Kurt Cobain Interview Reveals What He Thought Of Pre-Dave Grohl Drummers

Genres 07:28AM EDT

Nirvana's late frontman Kurt Cobain had so much respect for the Foo Fighters vocalist Dave Grohl. On the anniversary of his death, a never-before-heard interview surfaced on YouTube where he talked about Grohl and the band.READ MORE

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