Jimmy Kimmel presented a new round of "Words From You Mother," a hilarious segment where Kimmel asks rappers' moms to recite their children's lyrics. In the past, we've seen Wiz Khalifa's mom, Big Sean's mom, T.I.'s mom, YG's mom, and Mac Miller's mom. Now Schoolboy Q's mother take the stage. She took on the explicit lyrics from the third verse of her son's hit "Collard Greens" off his most recent album Oxymoron.

"Bummy n***as famous, straight from the bottom / Broke n***as hate it, still never robbed him / Guns in the basement, out they have a problem / Kush be my fragrance, we love marijuana / Function on fire, burn the roof off this mothaf**ka / Psych ward is ballin, dope craze like no other / Weed steady blowin, pass the blunt to my momma," she recited.

She got through most of it with a straight face, but after saying the final line, she felt the need to clarify his words.

"I never smoked weed with that boy," Q's mom said while shaking her head. "That's my baby."

The TDE rapper was on Kimmel to help promote Tinashe's debut album Aquarius. The two of them performed the hit collaboration "2 On."

Replay both the "Words From Your Mother" segment as well as the "2 On" performance below.