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Creed's Scott Stapp Postpones Remaining Proof of Life Dates to Keep From Cutting Sobriety Corners



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Scott and Jaclyn Stapp attend the 2nd Annual KLOVE Fan Awards at the Grand Ole Opry House on June 1, 2014 in Nashville, Tennessee.
Scott Stapp has announced that he is postponing the next leg of the Proof of Life Tour on Facebook in order to stay on the path to clean and sober. In a heartfelt post (that has since been removed), the singer said ...


I wanted to let you know that I postponed the Nov leg of the Proof of Live Tour because I began to cut some corners in my recovery. There are some health priorities that I need to address so I can be the best Husband and Father I can be. Everyday, someone dies because they cut a couple corners with their sobriety. I love you all very much and I'll keep you updated on the new dates, new music, and 2015.

Thank you

Though some of his fans have expressed disappointment in the cancellation, every single one that has posted has supported his decision and offered up prayers, encouragement and support. Fans from around the world have said things like ...

"Thank you for that testimony of making the "harder choice" and seek to be the man, husband and father God has called you to be. Will be praying for you and your family."

"Thank for being transparent Scott. Let's us know to pray for you. You got this! Jesus is fighting your battles and the devil has NO authority over you or your family in Jesus Name."

"You take care of yourself, your health, your beautiful family, and when you're ready, we'll be waiting here, With Arms Wide Open. It takes a lot of courage to be so forthright and honest. God bless you and keep you, Scott."

Stapp's previous battles with drugs and alcohol are no secret. The singer told the very uncensored story in his memoir, Sinner's Creed in 2012. From the binges that led to his divorce to the time in Miami that he jumped from a balcony, falling 40 feet and fracturing his skull, his hip and his nose - Scott shares it all and the faith that helped bring him back from the brink of destruction.

While his Facebook may have been rolled back to removed any posts after September 29th as of today, his official site has no tour dates listed for the rest of the year, so it is probably safe to say he is still going to stay home and focus on his recovery. Though no one likes to publicly admit weakness, you have to give it to Stapp for putting it out there in the first place. While hiding our struggles may help make us seem like we're invincible and/or leading a charmed and perfect life, it also keeps us from getting support from others. Scott's admission, as the comments from his fans showed, touched a lot of people - both those who have been in his shoes and those who have loved someone with an addiction.

A source close to the situation has confirmed that the tour dates have been cancelled in order for Scott to work on his recovery.

Please join the Music Times family as we pray for Scott's continued recovery.

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