June 19, 2018 / 8:09 PM

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Skrillex Remix EP Released Early on iTunes [LISTEN]



Rumored to be released later this month, according to Less Than 3, Skrillex’s remix EP for “Ragga Bomb” featuring Ragga Twins and “Ease My Mind” featuring Niki and the Dove has popped up early on iTunes for download. The two tracks come from Skrillex’s recent artist album Recess, released in May.

The remix package packs a punch with solid additions from Zomboy, Jai Wolf, GTA and Teddykillers.

The first remix for Ragga Bomb featured a collaborative remix effort by Skrillex and Zomboy, which makes sense since they have similar styles. It is also interesting since there was speculation that there was a rift between the two over a potential copy by Zomboy of a Skrillex song.

The two of them cleared it up on Facebook, according to In the Mix, and Skrillex later named a song on his album “All Is Fair in Love and Brostep,” mimicking the expression “all's fair in love and war." As you might expect from these two working together, the reggae influences are flipped for a heavier rendition of “Ragga Bomb."

Teddykillers, a quality find from astute tastemaker Skrillex, speeds up the beats per minute and adds some harsh bass lines.

"Ease My Mind" has been one of the most accessible songs from the album, with Niki and the Dove’s vocals over a quiet, melodic break. Now the remix from Jai Wolf that was at one point released as a free download gets signed to OWSLA after being played out by Skrillex constantly over the past few months. GTA rounds out the whole package with a high-octane remix with booming percussion and relentless 808s underneath.

The label may get wind of this and decide to take it down if this was a mistake, so grab the tracks on iTunes while they are still hot. Listen to the Jai Wolf remix below:

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