If you are a fan of Peter Capaldi, then you will be thrilled to know that the actor has been confirmed to play the Time Lord in Doctor Who for the upcoming ninth season. Showrunner Steven Moffat confirmed that Capaldi's spin as the 12th doctor will extend for at least a second year. Unfortunately, Jenna Coleman's future still remains in question. She has portrayed Clara Oswald, the doctor's companion for the last two seasons, but there has been intense speculation that the upcoming Christmas episode will lead to her character's exit from the show.

A DVD launch party for the recently completed eighth season of Doctor Who brought the cast back together, and in an interview Capaldi admitted that he was invited to read for the role of the eighth doctor back in 1996 and actually declined. Capaldi explains that he loved the role so much that he did not want to be crushed by going for it and then not getting it.

Thankfully, the actor changed his mind years later and decided to make the role of the Time Lord his own. He then panicked about how to prepare and resorted to carrying a scrapbook around with him.

He said on Yahoo! News: "You know, when someone says to you how would you feel about being the new Doctor Who, you go, 'Waaaahhh' —it's just like having an enormous injection of madness and it's a dream and it's crazy and wild and then there comes a day where I've actually got to do this, I've actually got to go and be Doctor Who.

"What do I do? How do you prepare for that? I've no idea because the last time I played Doctor Who was when I was 9 in the playground. So I thought I'd better do something so I just started this book where I collected images and quotes and things — I'd look at the world and see if there were people who I thought were vaguely or very particularly Doctor Who-ish. And put quotes in the book, put pictures in there."

What are your thoughts on Capaldi returning for another season? His version of the doctor is a bit more standoffish than his predecessor, Matt Smith. Was he wise to change the way he presents the doctor rather than imitating Smith's portrayal? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.