Bode Miller is not exactly having an easy time right now. It was confirmed this week by the (New York) Daily News that he will undergo back surgery next Monday, Nov. 24, in California to repair a disc that has interfered with the normal use of his left leg. Miler hopes for a return to the slopes next January, but will spend the next few months rehabbing at home with his newly pregnant wife Morgan Beck.

She, like many other pregnant women, decided to wander into a pregnancy chat room on and it did not take long before she began sharing ... perhaps a little too much. Beck apparently goes by the screen name "2015mamatobe," which features a picture of her and Miller.

At one point, Beck actually posted under her name, saying, "Girls do crazy things for money ... including taking condoms out of trash cans and locking themselves in a bathroom," which seemed to be taken as a direct dig at Miller's ex Sara McKenna, who has an 18-month-old son with the champion skier.

Miller and McKenna's past is completely rocky, and it wasn't until recently that they were able to settle their messy custody dispute. When she first found out that she was pregnant, McKenna moved to New York City in order to attend Columbia University and, in an unprecedented move, Miller dragged her into court for a "Petition to Establish Parental Relationship" in California. Things have been tense between the two from that moment on until recently, when everything appeared to be settled in court.

Leave it to Beck to decide to now fire a direct shot at McKenna, which will no doubt cause a flare-up all over again. Do you think McKenna really resorted to stealing a condom from the trash to get herself pregnant or is that just an insane notion that Beck has convinced herself of to feel like Miller's relationship with McKenna was not too serious? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.