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Deadmau5 Releases '5 Years Of Mau5' EP Featuring Eric Prydz, Dillon Francis & Others [REVIEW]



The 5 Years Of Mau5 compilation was ambitious. It took the best deadmau5 tracks from the past five years, put them on one CD and then added a second CD remixing those tracks. He tabs some of the most promising producers in the field of dance like Madeon, Eric Prydz, Dillon Francis, Botnek and others. The compilation features some previously remixed deadmau5 tracks that had caught his ear in the past, but it is primarily comprised of new music.

His classics on the album include the almighty, "Ghosts N Stuff", which receives not one, but two remixes on disk 2, "Some Chords", "I Remember" alongside Kaskade and "Strobe".

CD2 starts off with the Dillon Francis and Chuckie who take on "Some Chords" and "Ghosts N Stuff" respectively and give each track a different, glitchy feel to them. Dillon Francis's remix had been previewed in the lead up the LP release and caused quite a stir since it brought together the controlled agression of deadmau5's production with electro-infused moombahton that Francis brings to the table. Dutch DJ / producer Chuckie did not veer too far from the original, keeping the haunting vocals from Rob Swire and deadmau5's melody, while adding his own acid-tinged kicks. 

Botnek, generally known for their grungy electro bass lines, tone it back a little bit and work within the confines of "Maths" to add their own unique flavor to the remix, but do not overwhelm.

Deadmau5's "Strobe" has become an iconic track for not only deadmau5, but also late 2000's progressive house. Remixing such a track is no small task and Michael Woods does it well, giving it a more clubby feel, focusing on the newly, upgraded bass line and simplified melody.

Shiba San goes deep with his house remix that keeps the ethereal vocal of "I Remember", while Wax Motif adds a driving bass line under a delicate piano melody for his "Raise Your Weapon" remix.

Pig and Dan are producers that deadmau5 has been keen on for some time, notably when he gets the opportunity to play gigs for smaller crowds that can handle some darker techno. Pig & Dan do just that; darken the mood on "Sofi Needs a Ladder", while stripping back much of the tune to focus more on a techy bass line.

deadmau5 doesn't just tab more established names on this LP, he also find up and coming acts to remix his classics. Australian house DJ/producer Wax Motif adds an interesting multifaceted remix for deadmau5's vocal classic "Raise Your Weapon featuring the vocals of Greta Svabo Bech, adding both chunky bass and classic house piano in the build.

Nero, Eric Prydz, Madeon & Michael Cassette's remixes have been around for quite some time, Nero's since 2004 when "Ghosts N Stuff" was originally released, though it was relicensed in 2009. The Eric Prydz remix is more of an edit with Prydz's signature rolling bass line that meshes impeccably with the structure and melody of "The Veldt." He premiered it on his summer United States tour in 2012.

The remixes are all quality efforts and give each track an updated, 2014 feel to them that doesn't overwhelm or come off as too cheesy. They all do a great job of keeping the vibe of the original. However, there is something timeless about the originals and when it is all said and done, most fans will probably return to their deadmau5 classics after a dose of the 5 Years A Mau5 remix efforts.

If you want to see these remixes in action, check out deadmau5's set from Hard Day Of The Dead alongside Eric Prydz or his free show at The Knockdown Center in Queens for the Honda Concert series.

Stream the album on Spotify below and purchase it on iTunes.

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