It does not take much for Kim Kardashian's marriage to Kanye West to start grabbing some negative headlines. No one has ever accused them of exactly being the most conventional couple in the first place, but for some reason the press goes crazy when they do not play house like everyone else does.

Remember, they have a baby, have been married for six months and are still living with Kris Jenner in spite of having mountains of cash for a place of their own. Thanks to reality television, we are all used to seeing the whole Kardashian family together to celebrate the holidays because it is how they have always done it. West was missing from last week's festivities.

Not only did he skip out on Thanksgiving dinner at Khloé Kardashian's, but he was actually spotted in Paris dining with two of his best friends rather than spending the holiday with his wife and daughter. Kardashian raised eyebrows by being grateful on social media for having her "whole" family with her on Thanksgiving. She chased that with a photo of little North West out and about on Black Friday and in the caption Kardashian called her daughter her "best friend."

But here's the thing: Kardashian and West are masterminds at playing the media and so by spending the holiday apart and then not mentioning each other anywhere, it looks like their marriage might be in a bit of trouble. There have been other rumors recently of her being unhappy because her whole personal life feels like a business arrangement, which could easily be true.

Do you think there are starting to be some cracks in the foundation of Kardashian's latest marriage, or do she and West just want us to think that so we will keep speculating, which feeds their popularity? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.