July 20, 2018 / 6:05 PM

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NFL Plans Super Bowl Concerts for Every Borough in New York...But Where? Check Out Music Times' Suggestions


Everyone knows that the actual football game is the third biggest part of Super Bowl weekend. Don't think so? We're willing to bet that unless you're from San Francisco or Baltimore, you can name a commercial from last year's game, and the halftime performer, quicker than you can name which team won. 

The NFL understands the appeal of musical performance, and thus are compiling the biggest collection of performers for Super Bowl 2014, which will be held in New "New York City" Jersey. Bruno Mars will perform the actual game, but at least five other acts will take a stage in each of the five boroughs of the city. Problem no. 1: New York in February will almost assuredly be cold, certainly too cold for outdoor musicianship. Problem no. 2: Most of the boroughs don't normally host indoor concerts. 

The NFL hasn't announced any acts, nor where they'll theoretically perform, but the league is going to have to work hard to make it work. It said in a statement that the performers will certainly be playing in venues smaller than their average shows. Let's see how equipped each borough is for pre-game concert, from greatest to least:


No problem whatsoever. The wealthiest of the isles has the most opportunities for a concert of any size. A big act could book Madison Square Garden, a smaller act Terminal 5, or head uptown and play the historic Apollo; the possibilities are almost endless. No sweat. 


The most music-centric of the boroughs at this point in history, Brooklyn has a fair amount of venues to choose from. If the NFL and sponsors are feeling it, they could book a big act at the impressive Barclay Center. For a much smaller option, Music Hall of Williamsburg is a fun, North Brooklyn option. Or just play a house-show at Jon "Union Jack" Niles' apartment. 


True, this may be the most financially impoverished (and politically ignored) part of New York City, but places exist for the vibrant music culture. Yankee Stadium will be too cold, but Lehman College features a beautiful Center for The Performing Arts that will work just fine. 


St. George Theatre just has to be the answer. So it's more accustomed to doing more theater-esque events. So it's got seats versus standing room. So what? With the right performer, the classical decoration will provide just the right vibe. Plus, it's almost right off the ferry for those coming from Manhattan. 


It's a shame how few non-restaurant/cafe music venues exist within the largest borough in the city. The best option we can think of is the Lefrak Concert Hall. Another university property (belonging to CUNY), the venue is plenty big, but does the NFL think fans are willing to trek this far out? 

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