The John Fogerty/Creedence Clearwater Revisited legal battle took another turn Tuesday morning, Dec. 9, when Fogerty released a press statement denouncing his former bandmates's intentions to thwart him of CCR-related glory.

On Monday, Dec. 8, we reported that, for the first time in the nearly 20-year lawsuit history between the two parties, Fogerty was the one being sued.

A new suit by drummer Douglas Clifford, bassist Stuart Cook and late rhythm guitarist Tom Fogerty's wife Patricia is seeking financial punishment for Fogerty, who has been allegedly besmirching the group's Creedence Clearwater Revisited name and advertising his own shows with the CCR label despite contractually agreeing not to.

Here was Fogerty's full response Tuesday, via

I was driving my daughter to school yesterday and I was surprised to learn I was being sued by my former band mates who call themselves Creedence Clearwater Revisited.

The people who come to my shows know they will hear me sing and play the songs I wrote and recorded over the past four decades of my career. Every night we play live, I'm thrilled to see all of those fans singing along to the songs that have touched them. I am at a wonderful place in my life. I am playing the music that I love and wrote, with full joy and having my son Shane joining along side of me-it doesn't get much better than that.

No lawyers, lawsuits, or angry ex-band members will stop me ever again from singing my songs. I am going to continue to tour and play all my songs every single night I am out on the road.

Rockin' all over the world!

 John Fogerty

Meanwhile, the boys have been using John Tristao to fill in for Fogerty on the mic.

"Some of our songs, John [Fogerty] really screamed more than he sung," Cook said. "We had to find someone who could sing the easier songs but also handle the rockin' material as well. John [Tristao] impressed us at his audition, and he put us at ease with the kind of guy he was."

Check out the new lineup: