April 21, 2019 / 1:13 AM

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Eddie Cibrian Got a Job: Now LeAnn Rimes Is Worried He'll Cheat with New Costar Chelsea Kane



It looks like LeAnn Rimes might be getting a taste of her own medicine, or at the least she now fully understands how Brandi Glanville felt in 2009. That was when Rimes met Glanville's then-husband Eddie Cibrian on the set of a Lifetime movie, and the two fell in love in spite of being married to other people. Fast-forward five years and Rimes may be married to Cibrian, but that is not enough to convince her that he will not cheat — in fact, she knows better.

Cibrian's acting career seems to have been a bit of a struggle since hooking up with Rimes, but he recently landed a gig on ABC Family's Baby Daddy. In it, Cibrian will play the lead character's boss in a multistory arc. That means he will be working closely with Chelsea Kane, a 26-year old who is kind of his type. This is reportedly not sitting well with Rimes, probably because she knows how easily swayed her husband can be.

Rimes has claimed she trusts her husband completely because, while they might have technically both cheated on their then-spouses, it was because they are destined to be together, not because they are typical cheaters. That theory might hold a bit more water if Cibrian had not cheated on his first wife with everyone in a skirt before finally getting to Rimes.

Sources close to the star have also claimed she is secretly concerned about her husband straying, and it is one of the reasons she clings to him so much.

Is Rimes smart to be concerned about Cibrian's activities? She may have landed her man, but he comes with a whole different set of problems that Rimes could likely do without, don't you think? Will Cibrian eventually get caught cheating?

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