July 18, 2018 / 5:09 AM

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Trinidad James releasing 'The Truth Will Set You Free' mystery project today, supposedly


According to a Twitter statement from Trinidad James, listeners, especially those from New York City, should keep an eye for something today (November 18). 

"To Every New Yorker. On Monday 'The Truth Will Set You Free' comes out. No album...Just the truth. You gonna want to look and listen to this. God is my witness I had to pray about this. This is what you wanted so I gave it to ya. The Real."

James has been in the news most recently for his claims during an interview that Atlanta hip-hop "ran" New York hip-hop. This, believe it or not, generated some hostile feedback from rappers up north, and made James one of the most talked-about emcees this week. If his comments were strictly made to get publicity for this "project," it worked. 

How it's now 3 P.M. and we haven't seen anything on James' website nor on the web in general. His site is still airing the rapper's August 10 PC Mild mixtape. Which leads us to question whether James will make good on his weekend promise to deliver something Monday. 

There are enough questions as it is regarding what "The Truth Will Set You Free" even is. James, as mentioned, released a mixtape relatively recently. The deep wisdom of the title, along with his claims to praying before opting to release it, sounds a bit out of character for the performer. Listeners are probably most most familiar with his hit "All Gold Everything," which is not exactly philosophical in its theme of 100 percent gold jewelry. 

James fans, we're sorry for getting your hopes up. New York rappers, you probably told us so. 

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