June 22, 2018 / 8:23 PM

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'Breaking Bad' score to come out on vinyl



Breaking Bad fans are pretty diehard, and anyone who watched the show knows how haunting (and exciting because it's starting) the opening theme song is. Well starting on Nov. 26 you can listen to the opening song again and again on vinyl and drive yourself crazy.

The show did have a lot of impressive original music composed by Dave Porter. The new vinyl will have one hour of the score, including the "Breaking Bad Main Title Theme." The music will be on two records. Both will be picture discs pressed with images from the show.

Here's the bizarre thing about this release. They will be sold exclusively at retail store Hot Topic. Not sure how they snagged the deal, but now customers can get their Breaking Bad vinyl while also stocking up on band T-shirts, studded belts and pleather goods.

In addition to the Breaking Bad score, Hot Topic will also be supplying a vinyl of the music from The Walking Dead starting on the same day, which features tracks from composer Bear McCreary. Hot Topic is getting the vinyl scores from new imprint Spacelab9.

It would probably be more ideal if those who wanted to purchase the records didn't have to go to a mall and endure the haunting aromas from the pretzel place, but we can't always get what we want. Tracks from both AMC series should provide some heavy mood music. It would have to be the right moment to turn that on at a party or while you relax at home. Would have been nice if they were out during Halloween.

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