There is very little news these days surrounding a new Rihanna album, so any tiny tidbit is going to make a splash. And now, it seems as though Rihanna's label has registered a new song for the Unapologetic follow-up and it features none other than Florence and the Machine's Florence Welch. "R8" is looking to be a banger.

Popjustice obtained a photo of a registered new Rihanna track, entitled "A Night." According to the song information database, in addition to Rihanna (Robyn Fenty) and a few other songwriters, Welch and Florence and The Machine's Paul Epworth are listed as writers.

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The Florence and the Machine songwriting credit and the song's title, "A Night," are leading some Rihanna fans to guess that the new song won't actually feature Welch, per se. Instead, members of the Rihanna Navy are speculating that the song will contain a sample of the 2011 Ceremonials track "Only If For A Night."

Though, of course, that remains unconfirmed.

As do most details about Rihanna's new album, which the pop star herself and her fans have dubbed "R8."

The new album, Rihanna's eighth studio effort, has been shrouded in mystery for a year now, with the pop star remaining mum on the topic. Earlier this month, however, she did post an Instagram photo teasing the record. The image featured a cartoon of "Rihanna" wishing fans a happy new year, all while the drawing was wearing an "R8" necklace.

The new album, which is officially untitled, is speculated to be released on 2015. It will be Rihanna's first studio effort since 2012's Unapologetic, marking her longest break between albums.