Slipknot and Korn are currently on a co-headlining tour in the U.K., putting on shows that are bound to be scary and thrilling all at once. The two bands shared the stage in London last night (Jan. 23) to pay tribute to the Beastie Boys with a vicious cover of the rap trio's 1994 hit, "Sabotage." Some fans were able to capture the collaboration on video, but Korn promised a full video of the performance in the future.

According to Blabbermouth, the "Freak on a Leash" band hinted at a collaboration with their touring pals prior to the show. They then shared some GoPro footage of the song via Instagram (see below). Corey Taylor and Jonathan Davis share the singing duties until the energy boils over at the break and the entire SSE Arena screams. Highlight — the slap bass solo at 1:45. Gnarly.

Before the two groups hit the road, Taylor stopped by the Metal Hammer Radio Show to talk about the joint tour.

"Not only were they the band that we loved, but we also aspired to what they had. It wasn't until a handful of years later that we actually got to meet them and we got to know them, we got to be very close with them, to the point where now it's very weird to think that Jonathan Davis has me on a first-name basis," he said.

Davis was equally excited about the tour. He told another radio station that Taylor has joined Korn onstage for "Freak on a Leash" in the past and even filled in for him once when the lead singer was sick.

"I mean, it's fantastic. This is something that we've been trying to put together for a very, very long time. Just putting together a tour with them and finally, finally we get to do it and it just felt like the right time. They were available, we were ready to do it and the rest is going to be history," Taylor added.