Bookies are pegging Sia and Iggy Azalea as the favorites to represent Australia at this year's Eurovision Song Contest. The continent/country was rewarded with a spot at the 60th annual contest this year after decades of watching the pop music contest on television. The immediate question was to pick a representative for the country (according to NME). 

William Hill, a British bookie organization, has released its favorites for the most likely acts to take the stage during May. You've heard of most of them: 5 Seconds of Summer, Olivia Newton-John and Chet Faker are also possibilities, aside from Sia and Azalea. 

Obviously we're not used to such high profile acts appearing at the competition, but that's not because the contest prohibits signed acts from appearing. The actual rule stipulate that the songs performed must be totally original and unreleased, with no covers. So if Sia or Azalea were to actually appear on behalf of their homeland, "Chandelier" and "Fancy" wouldn't be on the menu. The reason why you rarely see popular acts representing their homeland is because it's not like they need the attention, nor will they get that substantial of a paycheck for taking part (perhaps Olympic athletes are just more patriotic). 

We could see Sia perhaps writing a song for the competition, but appearing on the world's flashiest stage doesn't seem to fit on the whole "not showing my face" kick she's been on. The nation's premiere performance may attract bigger names than we're used to however. 

One name has been popular online, and it's not one you're expecting: TISM (or This Is Serious Mum). The group, which performed during the '90s as an open mockery of pop music, hasn't performed since 2004. Nonetheless, a petition on to have them represent the nation has gotten more than 10,000 signatures...37 times more than a petition for Australian icon Kylie Minogue

Here are all the odds released by William Hill:

8/1 - Sia

9/1 - Iggy Azalea

14/1 - Chet Faker

14/1 - Danni Minogue

14/1 - 5 Seconds of Summer

25/1 - Delta Goodrem

50/1 - Hugh Jackman

50/1 - Olivia Newton John (would be an interesting contestant, perhaps the only ever to represent multiple countries? She performed for the UK during 1974)

50/1 - Keith Urban

50/1 - The Janoskians

66/1 - INXS

66/1 - Natalie Imbruglia

66/1 - Holly Valance

100/1 - AC/DC

100/1 - Kylie Minogue

200/1 - Jason Donovan

500/1 - Russell Crowe