New York hip-hop artist Action Bronson went on ESPN's Highly Questionable on Wednesday and engaged in an intriguing conversation with hosts Dan Le Batard and Bomani Jones. Topics ranged from female groupies to why he ends up in physical altercations with fans who jump on stage.

"I would NEVER do that!" exclaims Bronson when asked by Le Batard why he beats up his fans who jump on stage.

"There's video, we've seen the video, why are you doing that? What's happening?" smiled Le Batard.

"Listen to me, I would never hurt anybody," pleaded Bronson. "I'm just a gentle human being, but people run up on — if someone ran up on your set right now and tried — who knows what they're trying to do? They're coming with open arms, I know that as a chokehold.

"I'm not getting yoked up on stage on my, while I'm doing my show. You know how many people got their phones out? Every move is filmed at this point, so I have to be the aggressor, and usually there's not many security guards there for some reason or another. I have to react as fast as I do. I have to just make it happen quickly, boom boom boom, get 'em out of there. Sometimes it's theatrical. Sometimes they get thrown in a weird position or they get put in a wild move that no one's expecting. And sometimes it's cool, you know why not? As long as no one gets hurt, it's all good."

There is one altercation with a fan that Action Bronson regretted, when asked by Jones.

"In Europe, some kid jumped on stage drunk and tried to like hug me, but really like on my neck, so me and my cousin Big Roddy, we both disposed of him at the same time and we threw him into the crowd and everybody just parted like the sea and all you hear is a thud," said Bronson.

"All you heard was a thud, I thought that the kid was paralyzed for sure," continued Bronson. "But he wasn't, he got back up and started moshing, it was all good. But for a second I was a little concerned."

Action Bronson then had to share a good memory of laying out a fan.

"In Boston some kid just jumped up while I'm rapping, he's all 'WOO, WOO,' like a ridiculous college kid, he jumps up, I catch him at the perfect point when he jumps up, clothesline, leg sweep, folded him up in half like a piece of cheese, man."

If you want to see what we think is the video of Action Bronson laying that kid in Boston out, here you go. In fact, Bronson has quite a YouTube highlight reel of fan altercations on stage if you have some time to spare.

Elsewhere in the interview, Action Bronson discussed how he once rapped while he was in a Porta-Potty.

"Sometimes I get bored and sometimes I just roam and at that point I had to take a sh*t and I just went, I saw it, I was like, 'Alright, let me go in here real quick,'" said Bronson. "And I'm not gonna stop rapping because, you know, I like theatrics. It's all about, you need to stand out."

"Everyone was clapping and applauding for me, it was a wild scene. I've never been applauded for sh*tting before, besides when I was a young boy and my mother went in the potty and went, 'Wooo! He pee-peed! Yay!'"

To see Action Bronson elaborate on this as well as how things changed with the women when he became a rapper, check out the video of his interview on ESPN's Highly Questionable below. Action Bronson's new album Mr. Wonderful drops on March 24.