May 22, 2018 / 1:44 AM

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Action Bronson

Action Bronson Will Appear In Martin Scorsese’s Netflix Film ‘The Irishman’

In an out of nowhere casting news, rapper and foodie Action Bronson was tapped for Martin Scorcese's upcoming adaptation 'The Irishman.' Bronson will star alongside Robert De Niro and Al Pacino in the biographical crime movie.

Black Keys' Dan Auerbach, Action Bronson, Mark Ronson Share 'Standing in the Rain'

The Suicide Squad Soundtrack will be released on Friday, Aug. 5.

Action Bronson GW Performance Canceled After Students Protest For "Transphobia" & Misogyny"

The Spring Fling will take place tomorrow, April 2. No this is not a joke.

Action Bronson Signs Book Deal For 'F*ck That's Delicious'

Albums, TV shows and now books. Mr. Wonderful coming to a coffee table near you.

Action Bronson Tries New York's Best Duck With Daniel Boulud

Action Bronson is back doing what he loves - eating great food. In a new upload to Munchies that isn't F*ck That's Delicious, but is essentially the same thing, Mr. Wonderful went to visit famous New York City French chef Daniel Boulud in his 2 ...

Action Bronson Taking 'F*ck, That's Delicious' To TV On Viceland

Action Bronson has announced that he is taking his talents to the big screen... sort of. Mr. Wonderful has established himself as a rapper and a purveyor of fine foods through his Vice series F*ck That's Delicious. Now that show that has only existed ...

Action Bronson Announces 2016 Project 'The Human Highlight Reel'

Action Bronson has been teasing some sort of project over the past few weeks on his Twitter page and on Christmas shared a few more details about it. According to the "Baby Blue" rapper, his new project titled The Human Highlight Reel and it will be ...

Action Bronson 'F**k That's Delicious': 'Mr. Wonderful' Cooks With Michael Voltaggio

Mr. Wonderful himself, Action Bronson is back with another episode of F*ck That's Delicious. It is the third installment of his Cooking With Mr. Wonderful series where he goes out and finds famous chefs who are fans of his music and can find some ...

LA Air + Style Music Lineup: Big Grams, J. Cole Incubus, HAIM Headlining

Shaun White's grand snowboarding and skateboarding festival Air + Style has announced the music lineup for the 2016 edition in Downtown Los Angeles. Entering its second year in Los Angeles, the two-day affair will be headlined by J. Cole, Incubus, ...

Did Ghostface Killah Accept Action Bronson's Apology After Diss Video? [WATCH]

Revolt caught up with the Wu-Tang clansmen yesterday after Bronson issued somewhat of an apology via Twitter, and asked if Ghostface had accepted the apology after making heated diss video?

Ghostface Killah Threatens to Gut Action Bronson Like a Pig & Set His Beard On Fire

It appears that things have taken a hard turn in the case of rappers Action Bronson and Ghostface Killah. In a recent interview Ghostface shared that he couln't tell the difference between he and Bronson's rap styles because they sounded so similar. ...

Susan Sarandon Shouts Out Action Bronson & A$AP Rocky, Says "Let's Blaze" A Joint

It appears that the Saving My Tomorrow actress Susan Sarandon may be a little late to join the party, but better late than never. The Oscar-award winning starlet gave Action Bronson and At.Long.Live A$AP rapper A$AP Rocky the most epic shout out ever ...

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