April 22, 2019 / 2:56 PM

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Studiotime.io: The Airbnb of Recording Studios Hits Los Angeles, London and New York, Including Red Bull Studios



The sharing economy is seeing an unprecedented level of growth and investment in the past couple years as individuals look to take their unused products and earn income from them. This has spread to people's cars with Lyft, Uber and more peer-to-peer methods, as well as the home with Airbnb. Now the sharing economy has hit the music business, more specifically recording studios. A new website, studiotime.io allows studios to list themselves online with their daily rates, and musicians can reach out to reserve a spot at one of 25 studios in London, New York and Los Angeles, including Red Bull Studios in New York and Los Angeles with the click of a button.

This may not seem revolutionary to some, but reserving studio time can be a huge hassle, especially last-minute if you need to get into one that day. Studiotime.io shows you various studios in that city, albeit a small and growing sample size, with its equipment, location and price for an eight-hour session, which is titled a daily rate.

If you have any special requests, those can be sent directly to the studio. There is no mass listing of studios worldwide or in a city that has this information listed online, so this is the first of its kind.

It will also help studios fill unused time if it becomes easier to get musicians into their building. Mixing and engineering is an extra cost to the consumer. The price varies from $125 to Brooklyn's EastSide Sound Studios, where legends Lou Reed, Eric Clapton and Slash have all recorded, to the pricey Red Bull Studios, which will run you more than $1,000 per session.

Head to studiotime.io to find out more information and sign up.

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