March 18, 2019 / 8:31 PM

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VIDEO: Plies Gets Slammed Offstage, Attacker Acknowledges 'I F*ck With You Bruh'


Rushing the stage has become an increasingly dangerous problem for the hip-hop genre as two prominent cases have made headlines in the last few weeks: First Run The Jewels member Killer Mike tore his rotator cuff after being attacked by a crazy at South by Southwest, and now video has emerged of Fort Myers emcee Plies getting body slammed onstage...and offstage.

The rapper was performing in Tallahassee on Friday night and, according to reports, had actually invited the fan onstage. The man seems excited to get close to the rapper, and Plies finally calls him out on it. The fan doesn't take to the advice too kindly, grabbing the rapper and taking him down. Not merely slamming him onto the stage, but actually going pro-wrestling-style and takes him off the stage into the crowd. Security immediately jumped into the pit to pull Plies out, and HipHopDX reports that numerous other fights broke out as it went down. offers multiple angles of the takedown.

A series of Instagram videos would appear later, featuring the attacker-identifiable by his shirt and from his busted lip...a memento from security at the show-explaining why he took out the rapper, indicating that he meant no disrespect.

"I f*ck with you bruh," he said, using a piece of slang that actually indicates respect despite seeming otherwise. "That n*gga is one of my top five artists...that n*gga started talking that bullsh*t. So I dropped his ass like any real n*gga would do like 'B*tch, f*ck you bruh.'"

Apparently no love lost. Or gained.

Plies was uninjured, and would go on to finish his set shortly after the assault.

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