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Marvel's Kevin Feige Says Spider-Man Costume Redesign Won't Be Like Sam Raimi, Marc Webb Versions



Marvel President Kevin Feige answered burning questions about the latest Spider-Man reboot at an Avengers: Age of Ultron event -- including the costume of the web-shooting superhero. When inquiries about the outfit ensued, Feige admitted to favoring the Sam Raimi costume over the one used in Marc Webb's films. Despite his preference, Marvel already has a look in place, reported ComicBook.com. "I was more involved in the Raimi ones [Spider-Man 1, 2 and 3] and think they did a very good job. But that being said, we've already designed the costume, which is different than any of the ones that have come before," Feige told Crave Online. "And yet ours is classic Spidey, as I think you'll see."

Spider-Man fanatics can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that Marvel will not replicate the look from Raimi and Webb's films, having already seen it prior. In general, fans wonder if a third Spider-Man reboot is even necessary.

"It will not be an origin story," Feige said, reported the International Business Times. "But, with great power comes great responsibility. It is inherent to who his character is. But we want to reveal it in different ways and spend much more time focusing on this young high school kid in the MCU [Marvel Cinematic Universe] dealing with his powers."

It seems that a young, high-school-aged boy will take the form of Spider-Man in the Sony/Marvel adaptiation. Having had multiple adaptations already, Feige wants to take the movie in another, younger direction.

"In terms of the age of an actor we'll eventually cast, I don't know. In terms of the age of what we believe Peter Parker is, I'd say 15 to 16 is right," Feige explained at the Avengers event.

July 28, 2017, will mark the release of Marvel and Sony's solo Spider-Man movie.

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