June 17, 2018 / 10:00 PM

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Death Grips recording new album, Zach Hill claims band hoping to 'tour a lot' during 2014


Death Grips claims to be working on another new album, despite having released three over the past two years. Last year's release, Government Plates, was featured on several year-end "best of" lists. 

"Starting to record the new Death Grips album right now. hope to tour alot this summer," wrote drummer Zach Hill on his Facebook page. 

It's presumed that the new Death Grips album will be on the Third Worlds label, an imprint founded by the group after separating from Epic Records (Epic was upset the group had dropped its album No Love Deep Web online prior to its official release date). 

Based on previous experience, we put a lot more stock in Hill's promises on a new album versus those of a tour. Back during 2012, Death Grips had announced a 30-date tour to follow its debut full-length The Money Store, but cancelled so that it could work on No Love Deep Web instead. The group got more headlines during 2013 for its Lollapalooza cancellation than it did for its album. The group was scheduled to play at the music festival, as well as an additional show in Chicago the night before. Fans in attendance at the smaller show were shown a screenshot of a suicide note from a Death Grips fan. Eventually, it became clear the group wasn't showing up, and fans destroyed the drum set onstage. It later came out that Death Grips didn't plan on playing either Chicago show. 

So buy tickets at your own risk. 

Back on the positive, music-making side of things, Hill has hinted that he would like to make something with his other band Hella, so keep an eye out for that as well. 

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