June 23, 2018 / 5:38 PM

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Lucki Eck$ combines elements of Chance The Rapper, Kanye and Chief Keef in Chicago rap debut


It's easy to forget how young some of our favorite performers are when they enter the music world. From Michael Jackson's Jack 5 debut at the age of 11, to Lorde's chart-topping single "Royals" at the age of 16, it doesn't take much life experience to make a splash in the music industry. Tuesdays Under 21 is a Music Times feature dedicated to bringing attention to talented musicians and performers under the age of 21. Who knows? They just might be the next big thing.

WHO: Lucki Eck$

WHERE: Chicago

AGE: 17

WHY: Chicago has always been suspiciously behind in establishing itself as a hip-hop powerhouse, compared to New York City in the east, Atlanta down south and Los Angeles out West. Perhaps because of Kanye West's continuing rise to the top of culture (our words, and his), listeners are finally looking at the third largest city in the country for its hip-hop scene. It features a dichotomy of sounds ranging from West's experimentation, Chance The Rapper's playful hood laments, and Chief Keef's straight-faced trap-rap.

Lucki Eck$ brings smidgens of all mentioned to his debut mixtape, Alternative Trap. The tape reveals the identities Eck$ shares, both in its title and its cover art. The sleeve features a black-and-white of drug-dealer Charlie "Lucky" Luciano, backed by a colorful field of flowers. Like his cover, Eck$ verbally delivers tales of cheer ("We are the reckless, we are the wild youth" from "Alternative Trouble") or grey murder ("Don't cross 48th/that's your f-----' deadline" from "Interest").

Keeping it all interesting is the rappers lack of interest in obvious beats, whether it's the use of plucked-string pizzicato or an obvious lack of percussion. If you listen to West's rap and love the off-the-wall samples that contradict the base beat, Eck$ has got something for you.

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