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Bryan Price: Lil Jon, Eminem, Dr. Dre and 5 Other Rappers Try to Outcurse Cincinnati Reds Manager


Cincinnati Reds manager Bryan Price was having a bad week and he let the world know it by dropping the f-bomb 77 times during an epic rant on Monday afternoon. The rant was around 5:30 long, which comes out to about 14 f*cks a minute. Compare that with 50 Cent's early track "F*ck You," which comes in at about 14.25 f*cks a minute. So yeah, Price cursed nearly as much answering a question about the whereabouts of catcher Devin Mesoraco as Fitty does in a song essentially dedicated to the word.

Granted, Price can hardly be classified as an OG: His ball team was just in a 1-7 rut and he felt the media was partially to blame...you know...for asking why a 2014 All-Star wasn't in the lineup. Still, some of the emcees below-responsible for some of the most profane songs in music history-might consider reaching out for a guest verse.

From least to most profane:

07) "B*tch Ass N*ggaz" by Dr. Dre (97 curses)

Dr. Dre came out swinging during 1999 upon the release of The Chronic 2001: If "B*tch Ass N*ggaz," a song that features three profanities in its title alone. If that can't get you into the most-obscene list, you did something wrong with the verses. Indeed, some might argue that Dre underperformed, totaling a mere 97 profanities. One has to wonder if a ghostwriter had anything to do with the lyrics—the producer is known to have hired out some verses on 2001 to emcees such as Jay Z. Perhaps they couldn't live up to his obscene ambitions. Funny to think this guy is on the board of directors at Apple now.

06) "B*tch" by D12 (105 curses)

Based on notoriety alone, one might assume that Eminem is one of the most profane performers in history. Hardly...but his penchant for homophobic slurs (and the color of his skin) made him the go-to target for the PMRC. His most obscene entry on the list was the track "B*tch" by D12, which suggests he needed help from the five other emcees in the group to get that offensive. One thing has always held Em back however: As a white rapper, he's not exactly allowed to use the pronoun "n*gga," which is considered a profanity by those who calculated this list. If he were black, his potential for censorship could have reached absurd levels.

05) "F*ck You" by 50 Cent (105 curses)

50 Cent ties his mentor in terms of most-profane output. Granted, while "B*tch" operated mainly with the b-word (60 uses), Fitty stuck to the f-word (57 uses)...and yes, we do feel silly calling these things the "__-word." This example featured the offending word more so than any other other song on the list, but it begs the question: Does the "queen mother of all swear words" (thank you, The Christmas Story) really offend us anymore? The statistics suggest that rappers, for all of their bravado, realize some degree of updated political correctness: The songs featured in this list feature no uses of homophobic slurs, no UK slang for female genitalia, and a relative few instances of p*ssy (three total uses).

04) "N*ggaz 4 Life" by N.W.A. (108 curses)

Dr. Dre makes another appearance, albeit as a member of his original group N.W.A. Ice Cube, never one to avoid dropping profanity, had left the group and left plenty of room for Dre to step in and take his place as an offender of parents everywhere. This song serves as case-and-point for the debate about whether the term "n*gga" should serve as a curse when used by rapper of African-American background. Actually, that's the entire point of the song. An intro sequence features a black individual questioning the use of the word, followed by verses from Dre, Eazy E and MC Ren explaining just why they use the term. If we were to remove the word's "profanity" label, this song would only feature 46 obscenities.

03) "Ho" by Ludacris (109 curses)

Easily the most popular song on this list, it may cause many a fan to question how it can be considered "more profane" than "B*tch Ass N*ggaz." This is also a case where a debatably-offensive word racks up the curse-count. As you'll recall, Ludacris almost became the spokesman for the word "ho" after this single dropped, thanks to his impeccable delivery of the term 106 times during the track. You can do the math: That leaves a mere three cases of other curse words being used (two f's, one "ass"). Although "ho" might seem more innocent than the rest of the words featured in the obscenities list—your correspondent's parents would be much more likely to roll their eyes at this than other entries—"ho" still suggests something that's realistically far more offensive than "f*ck." Odd how society works.

02) "N*ggaHs.Already.Know.Davers.Flow" by ScHoolboy Q (109 curses)

Interesting to note that N.W.A. doesn't even get the prize for the most-uses-of-controversial-pronouns on this list: Fellow Compton (or at least he grew up near Compton) resident ScHoolboy Q uses the term 91 times during his convolutely-titled "N*ggahs.Already.Know.Davers.Flow," leaving room for 17 instances of the word "sh*t" and one "f*ck." That can only mean one of two things: Q was intentionally trying to reach the top of this list, or someone really needs to get the dude a thesaurus for future songwriting.

01) "Some Hoes" by Bun B (113 curses)

This song, supposedly the most profane in hip-hop history, is just a further example of what we've already seen: "n*gga" gets 51 citations and "ho" 46 uses. This reveals a problem in the original research we examined. We would consider Lil Jon and The East Side Boyz' 2004 album Crunk Juice "popular" (it got to no. 3 on the Billboard 200) and therefore the song "Real N*gga Roll Call" should be considered. The track, which featured Ice Cube, required 329 bleeps and yet was still released as a single. True, the title word makes plenty of appearances, but this is just an overture for fans of bad language. Don't worry Bun B: Your mother should still wash your mouth out. But this is epic. Consider both the edited and unedited versions below. Just not at work. But seriously. Listen to the second, censored version. Hilarious.

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