June 20, 2018 / 11:15 AM

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Will John Mayer Tour With Bob Weir, Other Grateful Dead Members After 'Fare Thee Well' Shows?


We just got done reading about how the Fast and Furious franchise might come back with an eighth film despite the death of Paul Walker, due to the overwhelming sales success of the newest film. Now we see that the Grateful Dead, or some variation of the band, may continue touring later this year despite all the hype built up for the group's supposedly final five shows during July...and John Mayer might be involved.

Billboard has all the information that would certainly justify another tour if the band was cash-strapped: All five of the band's final scheduled shows-two in Santa Barbara, CA and three in Chicago as part of the "Fare Thee Well" series-were sellouts, and demand for tickets indicates that the band could have sold another 6 million (translating to 96 more sellout crowds at Soldier Field). The five shows currently planned are expected to bring in $50 million in ticket sales alone...and that's not counting the funds brought in from the pay-per-view option for the concert ($79.95 a pop).

Billboard couldn't list a source but it doesn't have a history of shameless tabloid reporting, so we take it at its word when it reports that Mayer has been brought in to jam with certain members of the Dead, supposedly in preparation for a Fall tour. The Grateful Dead's rep reportedly told the publication that such speculation was "premature"...which is very different than responding "no."

Fans have reason to worry. Guitarist Bob Weir is allegedly the primary focus of the idea and it's not something he hasn't done before: RatDog, the band he continued with after the Dead disbanded for the first time, largely plays Grateful Dead tracks, along with other covers. It's been suggested that although "Fare Thee Well" would be the Dead's last stand, Weir and Mayer could continue under a different title. No word on what other members on the lineup would be interested.

Why can't anyone just let sleeping RatDogs lie?

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